Brasserie MOST

Brasserie MOST is a city brasserie international level. It’s a place of attraction which connects Moscow and Paris by invisible bridge passing through space and time. Here every guest mentally transfers in the atmosphere of European restaurants with a high level of gastronomy and service.


The restaurant Brasserie MOST is situated in historic building «Austrian modern» style in the heart of Moscow on pedestrian street Kuznetsky Most near the Bolshoi Theatre. The interior reflects basic features and traditional decorative forms of Paris grand cafe. The restaurant consists of 2 halls. Main spacious hall is decorated with full-scale panoramic windows and authentic mirrors, that create a complex play of light, on the ceilling, antique chandeliers on suspensions, cozy tables with Viennese chairs. Second, Petite Hall is fullfilled with Art Deco with Renaissance ceiling and grand contact bar zone, decorate with great amount of ornate flowery crystal.

Main menu of the restaurant ranges across French regions with their traditional dishes, not without outstanding authors twists. Jean-Luke Molle, a chef from Bardeux, is melting two great cuisines together, by using Russian product is French recipes: duck from Rostov, merino lamb from Kalmykia, foie gras from Karachaevo-Cherkessia, trout from Karelia and many others.

The restaurant remains popular both for true gourmets, residents and guests of the capital, as well as for worldwide brands. In 2017, in terms of new parfume relize of Dior Fashion House, MOST became first restaurant to collabarate and relized a dessert, which fully repeated shape and substance of popular parfume water. Inspired by Dior, Nina Ricci held a fashion gala-event in MOST, celebrating its Fashion House 85 year anniversary, where all secular elites of Moscow were present as well as French actress and model Laetitia Casta, official brand representitative of Nina Ricci.

In 2000’s MOST was a legendary restaurant and fashion club where everyone dreamed of getting into. Paris Hilton, Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro, Ksenia Sobchak and many other celebrities have been guests of the restaurant. In the spring of 2012 the restaurant concept is changing and The MOST turns into a democratic gastronomic place called Brasserie. This type of restaurants appeared in France in the last century and were favorite places for gathering gourmets and creative intelligentsia.

Brasserie MOST

Moscow, Kuznetsky most, 6/3

+7 (495) 660 0706