The new life or a birth of a legend

In the beginning of 2000s The Most had been considered a legendary restaurant. Many people desired to get in. At that time it was merely impossible to reserve a table in the club. In the middle of 2000s the owners also opened a club there — it became one of the most attractive and outstanding nightlife facilities in Moscow. The Most project has always been following the latest trends, therefore it remains up-to-date and remarkable.

In 2012 Kuznetsky Most turns into a pedestrian area and becomes a competitor to Stoleshnikov Lane by the number of boutiques and restaurants. Together with the environment which surrounds the club its concept and design are being changed too. In spring 2012 the authors of the project – Alexander Mamut and Alexander Rappoport — make a decision to change radically the essence and the look of the restaurant. After a thorough examination of the European marked and choosing a proper concept, they turned The Most into a fashionable place under the title – Brasserie. Establishments of this type emerged in France in the previous century. They were the favorite sites of attraction for the artistic people: poets, painters, musicians. The interior at Brasserie Most was designed by the architectural bureau Wowhaus. Among its design projects: the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design “Strelka”. Designers Oleg Shapiro and Dmitry Likin create a cozy space where the urban residents feel comfortable. This concept was embodied in the interior of the new place. The barocco gilt was replaced by the red leather couches, mirrored walls and the modern furniture. The bar with the red highlighter divides the space into the two rooms, the large and the small one — in which the wine showcase is located. In summer 2013 Brasserie Most opens a terrace.

We had has collected the best recipes of the regional cuisine all over France especially for Brasserie. Abundance of seafood from Brittany and Normandy, ducks of Aquitaine, black-pudding of Lyons, confit of Gascony, bouillabaisse from Marseille and more. Recently we became more simple. And got rid of the article – Brasserie Most…